Cosmetic Dentistry

Complete Smile Makeovers

Dr. Eberhardt can use a combination of cosmetic procedures to give you the best smile of your life!

Teeth whitening or bleaching

The newest technology, ZOOM! Whitening is offered at Eberhardt dentistry. Zoom whitening is completed in one brief, light-accelerated treatment. This technology makes a dramatic difference in your smile in just one visit.  Go to for more information on the procedure.

If ZOOM! isn’t for you, at home bleaching is another option.  It is a whitening process that places a bleaching solution in contact with the teeth, causing oxidation of stains, resulting in whitening.  Eberhardt Dentistry will work with you to pick the system that fits you best!

Tooth Colored Fillings

A natural-looking alternative to silver fillings.

CEREC Dental Crowns

We have a high-tech, CEREC machine in the office that provides us with the technology to create strong, customized, tooth-colored ceramic crowns for your teeth, in a single appointment. The CEREC crowns look and feel like your real teeth with their enamel-like material. They are permanently bonded to your teeth with no discomfort and no wait, perfect for someone who is always on-the-go!


With veneer treatment, we are able to fix gaps and change badly shaped or crooked teeth to a more natural shape and color.

Tooth Colored Crowns

Cracked, broken, decayed, or worn teeth can be restored to healthy, natural-looking teeth with dental crowns, also called caps. A crown can return structure, strength, and function to a tooth with extensive decay or damage. To achieve the most lifelike, esthetic result, we use a tooth-colored all-porcelain crowndesigned to match the color of your teeth.

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